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Lexio for Marketing

What if your marketing team could think analytically, without doing the analysis? Now you can be data-driven at each stage of the funnel without spending hours analyzing dashboards and logging into tools you hate.

Lexio analyzes all of your marketing data in one place and communicates in a way that marketers understand – with stories – so they can do what they do best – thinking creatively to grow the business. 

Below are three of our favorite ways to use Lexio in your day-to-day.

Analyze Web Traffic

Track trends in web traffic over time - where the traffic comes from, and why - with Google Analytics data in Lexio to see what’s working.

See Lexio for GA in Action

Sales Alignment

Marketing can stay aligned with sales using Salesforce data in Lexio to provide the right leads and help prospects move through the sales funnel more quickly.

See Lexio for Salesforce in Action

Campaign Tracking

Track both new leads and lead engagement with CRM data in Lexio to understand which campaigns are working, which are not, and why.

See Lexio for Marketo in Action

Confessions of a Creative Marketer: Being Data-Driven Doesn’t Have to Suck

A few years ago, our Director of Growth Marketing – Anna Walsh – almost quit Marketing forever. Check out her blog to hear her story of how she’s been continue to lean on her creative aspirations, while also being data-driven.

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