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Make Analytics Easy

Now anyone can understand and use your company’s data in seconds. Use data storytelling to drive a data-driven culture across your entire organization.

Lexio for Sales

Sales teams are driven by metrics, yet they are not easily accessible when they need them. Align your team by making analytics easy to understand and digestible on the go.

Lexio for Marketing

Marketers are expected to come up with creative solutions, but also track the effectiveness of what they are doing. Track campaigns, web traffic and more – in a single platform and without the added headache of tools you hate.

Lexio for Human Resources

HR leaders spend too much time pulling data and reporting results, when they could be focusing on obtaining and developing talent. Track your recruiting pipeline and spot trends without the hassle of dashboards and multiple reporting tools.

Lexio for Customer Success

Your customer success team is responsible for anything from support tickets to product usage – and most importantly, retaining customers. They need a platform that can report on all of this without requiring analysis skills.

Lexio for Technology

Tech companies and being data-driven go hand in hand. From your product team to sales or marketing, all groups need data to help make decisions on what is working and what isn’t so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Lexio for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to make data-driven decisions to optimize for growth but not everyone has the training to interpret data or dashboards. Now your manufacturing leaders can use stories to make decisions such as what segment is fueling growth or stalling.

Lexio for Healthcare

Caring for your patients is your number one priority and your team shouldn’t have to be bogged down by data in order to achieve that. Understand operational KPIs, empower reps and track claims – all within one, easy-to-understand platform.

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