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It’s Not You, It’s Your BI Tool

Frustrated with poor adoption of your current business intelligence tool?

Lexio is a data storytelling product built for business users, making data and analysis easy for anyone to understand and communicate.

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Lexio Transforms Manufacturing Company’s Data Culture

Missouri-based, 75-year-old manufacturing company Fike uses data storytelling to empower frontline workers and completely transform their data culture.

"Lexio just understands our data and then presents it to our users in a way they understand" - Fike CTO

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The Rise of the
Augmented Consumer

Gartner Releases Top Ten Trends in
Data Analytics for 2021

“Predefined dashboards often overwhelm users with data. A user must then manually explore what happened, why, and what to do about it. This time-consuming and error-prone exploration can lead to incorrect conclusions and flawed decisions and actions.”

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Leading with Data: A Podcast for Data & Analytics Leaders

If you’ve ever wished to be a fly on the wall during a transformative conversation about data and analytics, this is the show for you.

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