No more dashboards.

Bring data insights to everyone in your company in a way they actually understand with Data Storytelling in Lexio.

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Everyone loves a good story.

Especially these companies:

Less BS on your BI.

Data Storytelling is the new way to get your team the answers they need about your business.

It’s proactively giving every single one of your users a personalized daily data brief instead of forcing them to go find answers in dashboards they aren’t using.

It’s never feeling guilty about being forced to prioritize analytics for executives and leaving the majority of your company to fend for themselves.

It’s creating a data-driven culture by empowering everyone.

Here's how data storytelling works. Everyone in your company will:

Get Notified

Be proactively told notable trends or changes in their data - every single day.

Quickly Understand

Know what’s happening and why through an easy-to-understand data story.

Take action

Dig deeper. Comment. Make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Still not convinced?

“Imagine this: take all of your data and instead of showing charts that you think are great and pivot tables that kept you up at night, imagine if you told a story. In my experience, telling a story using data is much more powerful.”

“Lexio understands our Salesforce data and presents it to our users in a way they understand – literally in plain-English. What's more, it is tailored to the aspects of the business they care about and available on their phones. It doesn’t matter if they are walking the facility with a client or out in the field, Lexio ensures they have a pulse on our most important business metrics.”

“Lexio is changing and getting better daily, between the value the product delivers today, the continuous product innovation, and the Lexio team's willingness to partner, we know we are in good hands with Narrative Science.”

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