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No more dashboards.

Hello automated, personalized, language-first data stories.

Make data a daily habit for your entire team with Data Storytelling in Lexio.

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Less BS on your BI.

Data Storytelling is the new way to get your team the answers they need about your business.

It’s proactively giving every single one of your users a personalized daily data brief instead of forcing them to go find answers in dashboards they aren’t using.

It’s never feeling guilty about being forced to prioritize analytics for executives and leaving the majority of your company to fend for themselves.

It’s creating a data-driven culture by empowering everyone.

Here's how data storytelling works. Everyone in your company will:

Get Notified

Be proactively told notable trends or changes in their data - every single day.

Quickly Understand

Know what’s happening and why through an easy-to-understand data story.

Take action

Dig deeper. Comment. Make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Still not convinced?

“Narrative Science hit a home-run with this product. It's giving me so much visibility. The biggest hurdle at OLA used to be transparency into our data. Now, with Lexio, I know what a month will look like before the end of month so I can raise a flag while it’s still happening.”

“As we move more and more of our data into Salesforce, Lexio provides our business teams access to important trends and insights from that data in an easy to consume format. Lexio mobile access is key for our people on the go; allowing them to make informed decisions on a daily basis.”

“We have connected our product usage and customer data to Lexio. The storytelling platform has helped us identify our customers that are in need of extra attention, features that are being used most often, as well as features that may not be meeting our customers needs. Using Lexio every day is a great way to stay on top of the changes in our data easily so there are less surprises.”