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Identify drivers of operational performance with stories that communicate the most pertinent information across store operations, inventory management, and eCommerce

Time savings

Nothing changes faster than consumer behaviors. With natural language providing real-time insights, your team is freed up to take action instead of spending hours on administrative tasks

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From regional managers down to store and category details, everyone can access dashboards relevant to their role - with accompanying stories addressing critical insights

Retail Overview

Improve Insight to Store Operations with Dashboards

Store managers, in particular, do not have the luxury of time to identify and correct a problem. If sales are declining, or underperforming categories are not identified quickly, there are long-term repercussions for their store. Having a dashboard that includes a plain-English story helps managers take action on the thousands of rows of underlying data.

Learn how we have partnered with Tableau to recommend best practices that improve store operations.

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Narrative Science's Quill takes raw data and turns it into plain-english narratives to reveal insights

Executive customers still prefer to read a bulleted text summary over a large dashboard of data, as it provides a focus point. We provided this text summary manually but we were able to automate that work with Narrative Science. Narrative Science was super easy to incorporate into our products and it added an impressive new way to look at reporting.

Sr. Manager Business Intelligence & Web Development, Large multinational retailer

Working with Narrative Science enabled us to go to market very quickly. Our new product line, powered by Quill, has generated over a million dollars in annual revenue. This has been one of the strongest products roll-outs we've had to date.

Jen Ryan, Director of Inventory Solutions, Dominion Dealer Solutions

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but concise descriptions and annotations can help people understand and better interpret data. Natural language generation (NLG) technology interprets data and offers background context or analysis through textual descriptions.

Constellation Research, How Machine Learning and AI will Change BI & Analytics

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