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Meet department missions

Quickly understand what’s happening within government data to make faster and better decisions

Empower staff

Reduce manual analysis, disperse information beyond technical experts, and shift focus on high-value activities

Increase transparency

Standardize analysis and mandatory intelligence reporting requirements in a fully controlled and compliant manner

Narrative Science’s artificial intelligence platform analyzes data and communicates this information in a way that is easy to read and understand. We believe these advanced analytic capabilities can be of great value to our customers in the Intelligence Community.

Steve Bowsher, Managing Partner, In-Q-Tel

We chose to work with Narrative Science because we want really great and innovative partners to help us better serve our members.

Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

Narrative Science's tools are helping us continue our legacy in how we serve members virtually. Those tools can take data and convert it into insights that our members can use to help manage their financial lives.

Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

Narrative Science's Quill takes raw data and turns it into plain-english narratives to reveal insights
Government Overview

Powerful Insight Communicated Through Stories

Government agencies have never had more data at their disposal.  With limited resources, having insights in natural language can help you react quickly and accurately to the needs of the citizen.

Click below to learn how our platform, Quill, is used to help drive digital transformation with Natural Language Generation (NLG).

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