Stop The Admin Work

When you and your team are spending time answering questions, you aren't free for proactive data discovery. Plus, when viewers find value in your dashboards, there is a better chance for long-term adoption and self service. It's a win/win.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

We've got you covered. With integrations into leading BI platforms and other analytics tools, instantly receive stories in all your dashboards - no configuration needed.

Custom Language

Still covered. When content and format is most important, we can still write an automatic story. Your dashboard should be as unique as the organization - and you.

Make the most intuitive dashboards

Quill integrates into leading BI platforms pulling out new insights and improving communication for viewers. Learn how natural language generation is one of the most sophisticated analytical capabilities available today.

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We chose to work with Narrative Science because we want really great and innovative partners to help us better serve our members.

Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

Executive customers still prefer to read a bulleted text summary over a large dashboard of data, as it provides a focus point. We provided this text summary manually but we were able to automate that work with Narrative Science. Narrative Science was super easy to incorporate into our products and it added an impressive new way to look at reporting.

Sr. Manager Business Intelligence & Web Development, Large multinational retailer

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