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Podcast The Power of Business Literacy in the Data Community

Featuring Kate Strachnyi, Founder and Community Manager of DATAcated

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Today, many organizations are pushing for increasing and enhancing data literacy across their business — oftentimes running one-off trainings with the hopes of magically creating a more “literate” workforce.

But, it’s just not working. We need a different approach.

What if instead we focused on making technology more “business savvy” so that non-data people didn’t have to learn every data concept? What if instead of expecting non-data people to speak the language of data, we expected data scientists and analysts to speak the language of the business?

In this episode, we sat down with the one & only Kate Strachnyi, Founder and Community Manager of DATAcated, to discuss this vision for the future of data & analytics and how she educates today’s data professionals through community. 

In this episode we also dive deeper into:

  • How & why Kate started DATAcated
  • The vision for her new centralized community: The DATAcated Circle
  • Her advice for others looking to build a brand and community on LinkedIn
  • A different approach to data literacy
  • Why technology needs to be built for the business user
  • The value of data analysts and scientists who work through a business lens
  • How more data can do more harm than good
  • How to tell data stories that people care about
  • Kate’s vision for the future of data & analytics
  • The importance of maintaining trust in data
  • The role big organizations will play in educating & enabling the data community

Check out these resources that were mentioned in the show:

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