Podcast How Data Empowers Brands to Thrive in eCommerce

Featuring John Collins and Rick Sauls, Co-Founders of OmniiX and chargeguard

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop — increasing the demand for eCommerce experiences. In order to keep up, many brick-and-mortar businesses have been forced to transition to the eCommerce world. 

Yet moving a brick-and-mortar business online isn’t simple. 

Today, ranking on eCommerce platforms, especially Amazon, requires a fine balance of art and science. From item setup and launch to driving search rankings, advertising, and sales — it is clear businesses need a holistic plan to jump into eCommerce.

In this episode, we are joined by 2 experts who help companies make that jump — John Collins and Rick Sauls, Co-Founders of OmniiX and chargeguard. 

With a history of building and launching brands on Amazon and other online retailers, OmniiX serves to empower brands with the knowledge, actionable insights and thought leadership to even an unfair playing field. John & Rick work with large CPG brands to thrive on Amazon and create data-backed, sales converting content by working with a team of Amazon experts.

In the episode, we talk about a variety of topics including:

  • How John & Rick’s individual experiences made for the perfect business partnership
  • The ah-ha moment that started OmniiX
  • Amazon’s dirty little secret: chargebacks & shortages
  • How companies organize teams around eCommerce
  • The differences between branding & merchandising in the physical world vs eCommerce world
  • The evolution and future of eCommerce
  • How data is the key to thriving in eCommerce
  • The importance of data management
  • The birth of chargeguard

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