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Podcast Driving Data Transformation in Higher Education

Featuring Rob Stirton, VP Institutional Effectiveness & CIO at County College of Morris

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Data transformation can empower higher ed institutions to deliver excellent student experiences, reduce costs, and stay relevant with the changing demands of students and the educational landscape. 

However, higher education institutions tend to be slower moving in modernizing processes. So, how does one accelerate this type of vision? How does an organization bring all of the moving parts together?

In this episode, we sat down with Rob Stirton, VP of Institutional Effectiveness & CIO at County College of Morris, to discuss how he played a hand in transforming the data culture at County College of Morris. 

Rob has 25+ years of experience in the data and analytics space and has established himself as a proven leader in educational technology, planning, strategy, analytics, and outcomes. He has spearheaded the generation and implementation of initiatives that have significantly impacted colleges and their students.

Since becoming the Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & CIO at County College of Morris in 2017, he has led a full blown data transformation that has vastly improved the way they serve their students. With Rob’s expertise and leadership, they went from just being aware of data to truly being a data driven college in just 4 years. 

In this episode we dive deeper into:

  • How Rob’s passion for wanting to make an impact led him to working at community colleges
  • The data transformation journey at County College of Morris
  • The applications of data in higher education
  • The difference between institutional research and institutional effectiveness
  • How Rob’s team got a data warehouse up and running in 10 months
  • How predictive analytics reduced the impact of the pandemic and improved their ability to help students
  • The importance of having data be a be a part of people’s daily workflow 
  • How data storytelling is a self empowering tool for student success

Check out these resources that were mentioned in the show:

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