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Podcast Championing Your Insights: How to Advocate for Data Informed Action & Change

Featuring Eric Weber,  GM of Experimentation at Yelp and Data Scientist

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Change is hard. Convincing other people to change is even harder.

You spend the time cleaning and sharing data with your stakeholders, but they don’t use it in practice (despite you knowing it could help).

Realize that they’re balancing other requests and a wide variety of information coming inbound (from you and others).

That’s why you have to think about why they would want to listen to you.

This week, Eric Weber, GM of Experimentation at Yelp came on the show to discuss:

– How to get buy-in from your stakeholders and advocate for change

– Why the “people” side of analytics is just as important as designing something intuitive and cool

– And also… What does the day of a GM of Experimentation look like?


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