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Blog How to Unleash Your Marketing Muscles as a Data Storyteller

At Camp Revenue, Narrative Science’s virtual marketing summit, Brent Dykes, Brent Dykes, Senior Director of Insights & Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics, discusses how your marketing talent and background can be applied to crafting and telling powerful stories with data.

Key insights from this talk:

Marketers often feel weak when it comes to their data. This is nothing new, but the problem has changed recently. Lack of data is no longer the problem. There is more than enough data regarding marketing.

Flexing marketing muscles

Our marketing muscles can help make insightful data stories. In fact, there are three distinct advantages for marketers regarding data stories.

  • Intense marketing data
  • Communication skills
  • People-centered mindset

Assuring buy in

As a marketer, our insights lead to change across the organization. The catch is, the bigger the insight, the greater the need for data storytelling. Why? Big insights/big actions require buy in, sign off and collaboration from all across the organization. That means a lot of people will have to understand the data, the easiest way to do that is through data storytelling.

Watch the full session to learn more.

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