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Blog This Book Shouldn’t Exist

I love that introduction

This from our book “Let Your People be People.” This is the book on how to transform your business through storytelling. We are very proud of this book but we also know that it shouldn’t exist.

Telling people how to tell stories is like telling a fish how to swim. We all know how to do it and for the most part, we are all pretty good at it. Then the question becomes, why don’t we do it more often?

Storytelling is a hot topic. #storytelling has 450K followers on LinkedIn. People want to tell stories and hear stories from other people. Yet, there isn’t much on how to systematically use storytelling to drive your culture. So we wrote a book on it.

Here is some background

Our CEO Stuart Frankel has instilled storytelling as a big part of our culture, including the products we build. Our products use data to tell stories but more importantly, we tell the stories of our people every day. We run storytelling workshops, we set aside time for our people to practice public speaking and we try to make sure our people get to know each other.

A few weekends ago one of our marketing people got engaged. The next team meeting he was congratulated and applauded as he should be. But he was also pressed to tell the story of how it happened. We may have given up ten minutes of meeting time to hear the story but it started the meeting off on a really pleasant note and let one of our people be authentically himself for a bit.

The inspiration for the book and most of the writing came from Anna Schena Walsh and Nathan Nichols, leaders within our marketing and product development teams.

The book took us approximately five months from conception to completion.

We didn’t use a publisher; rather, we produced it ourselves. Through development, we learned how many talents and skills people within our company had that we never knew about.

We had multiple Narrative Science employees contribute to the book, including design and editing:

Stef (Mahan) Caldwell, Mike Pastore, JoEllen Kames, Natalie Murray, Shawn Parks, and many others.

Last, not only is the book a fun and valuable read – it’s free. That’s right. Free. The link is in the first comment. All we ask in return is that if you like it – let us know.

This book shouldn’t exist, but now that it does use the wisdom and passion that was poured into it to do something radical (and uniquely human) for your company.

I trust you will enjoy and get as much value out of the book as we did. Happy Reading!

Download a PDF of the book

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