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Blog Lexio Release: Add a Human Touch to Your Stories with Commenting

A great data story has three components – visualization, narrative and context, says Brent Dykes’, author of Effective Data Storytelling.

  • visualization – the kind of chart or graph you might see in a dashboard today.
  • narrative – a written out story that talks about what’s happening and why.
  • context – the information from your people that isn’t captured by your data.

Context is the human touch. The information that only your people can provide. Oftentimes data itself can’t tell the full story — there are external events or circumstances that explain the full ‘why’ behind your numbers.

This is why we built Commenting. Commenting humanizes data storytelling by giving business users, analytics leaders and analysts the opportunity to add context and then take action by collaborating with their team in real-time.

There are two ways to add comments: you can pin context to the top of a story for all to see, or tag a teammate to start a conversation.

  • Pin comments to add context: Lexio tells you that leads are up this month, which also correlates with the timing of your new website. You can pin “We launched the new website on 2/11” to the top of the story for everyone to see and get ahead of any questions.
  • Collaborate by tagging your team: If you have a question for your team, want to problem solve or celebrate a win, you can tag someone in a comment, which will send an email notification and a snapshot of the story.

Watch our video to see how your team can use Commenting:

Our Commenting experience is currently in beta.

You can visit our support site for more details on how it works, best practices for use, to ask any questions or submit feedback.