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Blog Quill for Tableau: We’ve Built an Easier (& Faster) Story Building Experience

We’re giving you time back in your day with new and handy features in Quill for Tableau to help you copy and scale custom insights across your story when building. See below for what’s new.



Copy Content Within a Section

Now when you build a custom bullet, you can duplicate it directly below using our new copy button to quickly build different variations of a sentence – saving you unnecessary, repetitive work (what a relief!). This can be especially useful when applying thresholds, building in language variation, and creating different logical variations.

Duplicate Content Across Sections

You can now create content in the first section that is magically applied to the following sections. For two-dimension stories, the sections that focus on individual primary dimension (e.g. Consumer or Corporate in the example below) all have a similar content structure. Before you had to add the same content to both Consumer and Corporate and recreate each custom insight manually.

But how can one insight be relevant across all sections? We made a new drop-down option called ‘Current (dynamic)’ when building functions that will dynamically change the dimension name based on the section (we’re nerding out about this one).