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Business intelligence tools are extremely powerful at providing your organization with access to data. But your investment is only as effective as how much your end-users are engaged with the platform.

We’re all humans. And we all communicate with stories. Our extensions allow you to embed a story into every single dashboard across your organization.

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Deploy NLG to 100s or 1000s of your users within a day.

Drive Engagement

Adding a story drives a 16% engagement lift amongst your users.

It's So Simple

No need for lengthy configurations. It just works.

Tableau Extension

Our Tableau extension instantly delivers written insights alongside Tableau charts and graphs. The stories adjust as analysts explore the data, empowering them to identify and communicate key insights faster.


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Qlik Sense Extension

Our Qlik extension integrates seamlessly with Qlik Sense, communicating the insights in your visualizations in seconds. From charts and graphs to insightful, customizable, easy-to-read stories, our software instantly writes insights about your visualizations that anyone can share.

Power BI Extension

Our Power BI extension immediately surfaces insights from your data and transforms it into dynamic stories, right inside of your dashboard.

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Services To Build Custom NLG Applications

Our authoring platform creates applications that use natural language generation or NLG software to ingest data and then completely mimic the steps an analyst would take to write a report. Users have complete control over the language, analytics and formatting to customize just about anything they want.

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We chose to work with Narrative Science because we want really great and innovative partners to help us better serve our members.

Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

Executive customers still prefer to read a bulleted text summary over a large dashboard of data, as it provides a focus point. We provided this text summary manually but we were able to automate that work with Narrative Science. Narrative Science was super easy to incorporate into our products and it added an impressive new way to look at reporting.

Sr. Manager Business Intelligence & Web Development, Large multinational retailer

Quickly identify and share product performance trends

USAA provides insurance, banking, investment, and retirement products to 12 million members of the U.S. military. They have eliminated the need for manually written summaries by instantly explaining insights in their dashboards with embedded stories.

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