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The future of analytics is simple: stories.

Dashboards and spreadsheets are for analysts. What about everyone else?

Meet Lexio. Your data in words, on your phone, in the form of a newsfeed.

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Make Data Communication Simple

Lexio is a data storytelling platform that helps you and your team get the story behind your business data - so you can work together, on the same page, from anywhere.

Lexio User Interface
Lexio User Interface
Lexio User Interface
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Get your data stories on your phone, on your laptop, or within your favorite tools.

Accurate Illustration

Simple, easy-to-understand, and unbiased stories about your data.

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Connects to common data sources in minutes. Zero configuration.

Connect to Data with Ease

Get your data stories (almost) instantly. Simply put in credentials to your data source, wait a few minutes, and start reading.

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What people are saying about Lexio

“Lexio is changing and getting better daily, between the value the product delivers today, the continuous product innovation, and the Lexio team's willingness to partner, we know we are in good hands with Narrative Science."”

Matt Davis

“Imagine this: take all of your Salesforce data and instead of showing charts that you think are great and pivot tables that kept you up at night...imagine if you told a story. In my experience, telling a story using data is much more powerful.”

Ray Miller

“Lexio is a great product. Any sales leader worth their weight will adopt this as a standard.”

Martin Schena

“Lexio gives us knowledge; other tools give us data. There‚Äôs a huge difference.”

Josh Batz

Why Lexio?

Lexio analyzes your data for you and tells you & your team what you need to know in plain English. No need to dig through dashboards or pore over spreadsheets.

Instant Data Connection

Connect to data sources with zero coding required

Automated Story Overview

Read a story in English that analyzes your data, surfaces what you need to know, and tells you what drove changes

Dig Deeper

Filter your story to specific things you care about, compare one data point to another, and more

Breakdown & Compare

Interrogate the information to answer questions about the story


Comment on stories to continue the conversation with your team


Easily communicate stories to your team and avoid unnecessary status meetings

Goal Setting

Write more impactful stories by including weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goals

Mobile App

Know your data from anywhere

What Else Happened

Lexio's artificial intelligence curating different facts about your business that you may not already know

Get Started with Lexio

Learn more about Lexio and get your own data stories. Want to write about different data than the sources above? No problem. Schedule a meeting and we will work with you to make it happen.