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What is Lexio?

Smart Data Storytelling

Lexio is an AI product that turns business data into plain-English stories, giving your employees the context and knowledge they need to make better decisions faster. Lexio automatically analyzes your data, surfaces relevant information, and writes a personalized story that anyone on your team can understand.

Available on desktop or mobile, users can interact with Lexio directly to slice the data in different ways or explore follow-up questions. As Lexio learns more about your organization, it focuses its writing on the most impactful insights that will lead to better decisions and positive outcomes within your company.

Coming Soon

Lexio for Sales

We know that the sales team is the heart of every company. That’s why our first Lexio application is purpose-built to empower sales teams to make better decisions, save prep time for weekly meetings, and ensure everyone is on the same page as your business grows.

The Lexio Sales Application will connect directly to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, enabling you to go from data to stories in seconds.

Why Lexio?

Understand Data Instantly

Instead of spending hours manually analyzing spreadsheets or interpreting dashboards, users can just read a story about their team and individual performance

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Increase Team Transparency

Ensure that you, your team, and your organization are on the same page about exactly what’s happening in your business - anywhere and any time

Improve Collaboration

Showcase your team's performance across the company, increasing cross-functional collaboration and team accountability

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What does it entail?

Lexio Beta Program

We are excited to offer beta users early access to Lexio. The best part? All you need is access to Salesforce Sales Cloud. We will send you a survey weekly, and we may ask for more hands-on user testing with our team. And that’s it!

Anyone in sales or sales support would be a great fit. We’d love to have you help us shape the future of Lexio. Request to join the beta below!


Lexio Beta Program

Want early access to Lexio? Request to join our beta program here: