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Spend more time selling.

Before Lexio: Everyone is looking at you to grow the business. But getting the information you need is painful. More data. More dashboards. And more late nights.


After Lexio: You’re confident. You have the information you need and can share it easily. You know where to focus your time to maximize your impact as a revenue leader.

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In Plain English? You Need Lexio.

Lexio automates analysis and gives you the story hidden in your Salesforce data in plain English, in real-time, and in a way that helps you understand and act on it.

Lexio User Interface
Lexio User Interface
Lexio User Interface
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Get the right story, in real-time, tailored to you.

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Get the story instantly, with zero configuration.

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Get the story on mobile, in the browser, or within Salesforce.

How Lexio Works

Zero Configuration

Set up is fast, without any configuration needed.

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Lexio automatically ingests data from Salesforce

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Our analytics framework analyzes your data to discover the most valuable information and the most meaningful insights.

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Relevancy Framework

Lexio surfaces, explains, and contextualizes what is most interesting and relevant to you.

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Lexio writes plain-English stories that make your data easily understood by everyone on the team.

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Knowledge Base

Lexio learns to increase the relevancy and personalization of its stories the more you use it.

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Data Connectors

Easily connect to your data sources and start seeing your story — no configuration needed.

Coming Soon

Don't see the datasource you want? Let us know!

Top Features

Lexio helps you get the story, share the story, act on the story.

Instant Data Connection

Connect to data sources with zero coding required

Automated Story Overview

Read a story in English that analyzes your data, surfaces what you need to know, and tells you what drove changes

Dig Deeper

Filter your story to specific things you care about, compare one data point to another, and more

Breakdown & Compare

Interrogate the information to answer questions about the story


Comment on stories to continue the conversation with your team


Easily communicate stories to your team and avoid unnecessary status meetings

Goal Setting

Write more impactful stories by including weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goals

Monday Morning Download

Your weekly kickstart to your inbox with story summaries of the information that matters to you

What Else Happened

Lexio's artificial intelligence curating different facts about your business that you may not already know

Understand Your Data in Less Than Ten Minutes

Ten minutes a day. That’s all you need to understand your data with Lexio. Ten minutes a day will empower you to make the decisions that are good for you and the business.

Lexio for Sales

Know what’s driving your business, create easier data-driven meetings, and automate weekly or monthly status updates.

Lexio for Operations

Lower variability or subjectivity in core business metrics across teams and drive positive data hygiene behaviors.

Lexio for Executives

Keep leaders aligned on KPIs and making better decisions, while ensuring everyone in the company knows how sales are doing.

What people are saying about Lexio

“Lexio is changing and getting better daily, between the value the product delivers today, the continuous product innovation, and the Lexio team's willingness to partner, we know we are in good hands with Narrative Science."”

Matt Davis

“Imagine this: take all of your Salesforce data and instead of showing charts that you think are great and pivot tables that kept you up at night...imagine if you told a story. In my experience, telling a story using data is much more powerful.”

Ray Miller

“Lexio is a great product. Any sales leader worth their weight will adopt this as a standard.”

Martin Schena

“Lexio gives us knowledge; other tools give us data. There’s a huge difference.”

Josh Batz

Lexio Isn’t Like Other Data Analysis Tools

Lexio doesn’t make data analysis slightly easier, it does the data analysis for you.


Based on language and supported by visualizations, not the other way around.

Designed for data analysis that relies on visualizations.

No need to search or interpret data.

Analysis required, as these tools merely aid analysis instead of replacing it.

Zero configuration.

Configuration required.

Easy to consume on mobile.

Mobile versions are too difficult to use.

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Data Storytelling Insights

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