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Stop creating dashboards nobody uses

Meet Lexio. A data storytelling product that tells your business users what they need to know – and brings the story to them instead of forcing them to go find it.

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Why Lexio?

Now anyone can understand and use your company's data in seconds. Use data storytelling to drive a data-driven culture across your entire organization.

Empower Everyone

Provide easy-to-understand data insights

Improve Adoption

Increase analytics usage across your business

Save Time

Say goodbye to explaining data over and over

Lexio breaks the cycle

You put so much time and effort into creating the perfect dashboards. It’s heartbreaking to see no one use them.
We get it.

It’s time to break the cycle and give business users data insights in a way they actually understand.

Built for business users
from the ground up

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Lexio brings insights to your business users, anticipates what they need to know next and allows them to take action by tagging.

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Data visualizations are great, but not everyone can understand them. Lexio gives your users data insights as easy-to-understand stories.

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Instead of static dashboards, Lexio gives every business user a personalized data digest - right where they already work.

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