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An analyst for everyone.

With Lexio, you can turn your data into interactive stories, making analytics easy and accessible for everyone.

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Why Lexio?

Now anyone can understand and use your company's data in seconds. Use data storytelling to drive a data-driven culture across your entire organization.

Empower Everyone

Provide easy-to-understand data insights

Improve Adoption

Increase analytics usage across your business

Save Time

Say goodbye to explaining data over and over

Built for business users
from the ground up

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Instead of static, stale dashboards, Lexio gives business users their data in a dynamic newsfeed that updates throughout the day.

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Data visualizations are great, but not everyone can understand them. Lexio provides data insights as easy-to-understand stories.

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Lexio anticipates what you need to know next, using intelligence to guide you to the most relevant answers for your business.

For Analytics Leaders

Whether you’re an analytics leader or aspiring to be, proving value comes down to your ability to measure and report the business impact of your data.

Lexio turns your data into stories that anyone can understand, improving data adoption across your organization.

For Analysts

You cannot possibly identify and communicate all the relevant insights lurking in your organization’s massive, diverse datasets — you don’t have the time.

Lexio is your superpower. No more manually summarizing dashboards. It explains your data in a way everyone can understand – with stories.

For Businesspeople

Data and dashboards can feel like a foreign language, which is why we believe in stories.

Our stories eliminate the barrier to understanding and allow you to discover insights on your own, scaling your ability to drive business impact.

What people are saying about Lexio

“Lexio is changing and getting better daily, between the value the product delivers today, the continuous product innovation, and the Lexio team's willingness to partner, we know we are in good hands with Narrative Science."”

Matt Davis

“Imagine this: take all of your data and instead of showing charts that you think are great and pivot tables that kept you up at night...imagine if you told a story. In my experience, telling a story using data is much more powerful.”

Ray Miller

“We anticipate that when our operational workers use Lexio to inform their decision making they will be able to know the impact of their decision making in real time – we will be able to objectively debate if the decisions we are making are generating more revenue or suppressing our revenue. I truly expect Lexio to impact all of our people in their daily decision making.”

Josh Batz

“Lexio is a great product. Any sales leader worth their weight will adopt this as a standard.”

Martin Schena

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