How can data storytelling advance your mission?

Do you need to make data actionable for your beneficiaries?

Is your valuable time
consumed by reporting?

Do you want to remove the data literacy barrier?

Success Story

Increasing efficiency to improve quality of care

Vancouver Coastal Health utilizes Quill for Tableau to reduce the amount of time spent interpreting information in their business intelligence dashboards. These time savings will help improve the quality of care for 1.25 million BC residents.

Case Study

Mobilizing teachers to make a lasting impact in their schools

“As teachers and coaches, we are inundated with information around how our schools and students are progressing. The quick summary of the data allowed me to narrow my focus, pick out high-leverage trends and therefore become a better team leader.”

— Teacher Liaison, Teachers Supporting Teachers

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Making a Dream Become a Reality

Does this all sound great but you’re still not sure if data storytelling is for you? Would you like more details on why we created this initiative?

Get these answers and learn why we are so excited to bring our technology to your nonprofit.

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Because we all need to understand and act on data

Learn more about the initiative, how we can help, and just why we’re so excited.

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Let us help accelerate the mission of your nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations face many of the same challenges as private institutions, but are often constrained by greater limitations on resources and funding.

We make licenses of our data storytelling products available to qualifying nonprofits at no cost.

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U.S. 501(c)3 organizations and foundations, or international tax-exempt nonprofit organizations with proof of registration, can apply for the Data Storytelling for Good program.

Excluded Nonprofits:

  • Not be a school, college, mutual organization, healthcare organization, or government agency
  • Not be a religious organization incorporated exclusively for the promotion of the religion