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Data Storytelling Virtual Summit

April 28-29, 2020
2 days. 28 speakers. 3000+ analytics leaders. 

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How To Tell A Compelling Data Story

Featuring Zack Mazzoncini, Founder of Data Story Academy & Co-Founder of Decisive Data

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Spreading Facts, Not Fear! How Data Storytelling Helps Us Understand Coronavirus

Feautring Dan Platt, Senior Principal of Market Innovation at Narrative Science
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How to Tell a Story

Featuring Larry Birnbaum, Professor of Computer Science & Journalism at Northwestern & CoFounder of Narrative Science
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Telling Your Data Story with the 3Vs: Vocabulary, Voice and Vision

Featuring Scott Taylor, Data Whisperer and Principal Consultant for MetaMeta Consulting
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Language and The Machine: Words versus Meaning

Featuring Kristian Hammond,Professor of Computer Science & Journalism at Northwestern & CoFounder of Narrative Science
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Unlocking the Data Driven Value of Conversations: How Chat Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Featuring Lynn Tan & Kate Adams, Marketing Ops Pros at Drift
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What Disney Can Teach Us About Data Storytelling

Featuring Chris Wagner, Analytics Architect at Rockwell Automation & Microsoft MVP
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The Future of Work: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Your Data Leads to a Culture of Openness & Empowerment

Featuring Nate Nichols, VP of Product Architecture a Narrative Science
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Promoting & Governing BI Tools in your Organization: The Best Framework for BI Adoption

Featuring Tommy Puglia, Microsoft MVP
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Maximizing the Impact of Your Data

Featuring Charles Holive, Managing Director, Strategy Consulting at Sisense
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The Science of Video and the Metrics That Matters Most

Featuring Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb
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Sustaining a Data Culture with a Distributed Team

Featuring Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy
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Data Visualization & Accessibility: A Compliance Imperative with Big Business Benefits

Featuring Jay Wightman at John Hancock & Mike Colombo at Maark
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Fireside Chat: Data for Everyone! Why Humanization is Key to Scaling Understanding

Featuring leaders from Home Depot, Novo Nordisk, and USAA
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Let’s Talk: The Power of Transparency Through Data Storytelling

Featuring Rachelle Hodgson, Analytics Manager at Fike
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The Secret to Stronger Marketing & Sales Relationships: Understanding the Story Behind Your Data

Featuring Eric Dreshfield, Jeremy von Halle, Chris Walker, and Cassidy Shield
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Differentiate Yourself as a Data Analyst: The Story-First Approach to Better Dashboards

Featuring Keelin McDonell, GM of Business Intelligence & Integrations at Narrative Science
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