Data Storytelling

Data storytelling is the fastest and easiest way to empower your team to both understand and act on data through the power of stories.

Data storytelling builds a data-driven and transparent culture, creates conversations about what matters, and frees your people to do what they were hired to do.

Data storytelling software takes your data, analyzes it, and turns it into plain-English stories. Then, those stories are sent to you in a newsfeed-style experience that ensures you get the information you need to run your business at all times.

Data storytelling will change the way your team makes decisions

There’s a problem with how we’ve all been taught to interact with data—we are expecting anyone and everyone to be able to analyze and explore it. We assume they will make the time and acquire the skills to do this well but still expect the same out of them in their actual job.

Think about it—how do you stay informed about what’s going on in the world today? For most people, it looks something like Apple News® and Twitter®. People love these tools because they are easy, they are personalized, and they surface you relevant information with zero work.

There’s a problem with how we’ve all been taught to interact with data

But most companies are still forcing people to jump through a million hoops just to get the story from their data. The emphasis on being data-driven, while excellent in theory, has become increasingly complex, time-consuming, and way more painful for everyone involved than it needs to be.

The fix? Data needs to start coming to us. We need to give our employees a way to understand their data without expecting them to learn data skills. We need to bring data insights to them, wherever and whenever they work. Data storytelling gives anyone, regardless of level or skill set, the ability to understand and use data in their jobs every single day.

It’s the best way to give your team the story about your business

Instead of expecting your people to learn how to analyze spreadsheets or explore dashboards, data storytelling uses simple, easy-to-understand language and a newsfeed-style experience to ensure that everyone in your company understands data, all the time.

This makes it easier for your people to make the right decisions faster, which ultimately leads to happier employees and better results for your company.

Data storytelling doesn’t make you rip out anything you already have and start from scratch. It doesn’t require you to spend days or months configuring anything. It’s the fastest way to get everyone in your company focused on the right things, and making better and faster decisions than ever before.

It’s more like a cultural shift to bring data understanding and action to everyone in your company that complements your data exploration and analytics efforts. It’s the personalized, easy experience that you have come to expect in today’s world. It’s the fastest and easiest way for your employees to understand your business.

Our products understand what you’d like to know from your data

How data storytelling works

Our products understand what you’d like to know from your data, and start by performing analysis. But, they don’t just create a raw output of analytics, or a visualization meant to represent the numbers.

Instead, our products reason and interpret the results of the analysis to construct a meaningful story about the numbers, just like a human would. Then, our products work to predict what new questions are raised in your mind.

They organize that information into a coherent, flowing story, and write it all out into plain-English, human-sounding stories.

The stories are interactive, too. You can click on certain parts of the story to understand what drove certain numbers, filter by specific people, and much more.

Learn more about how to use data storytelling products and how they will transform you business below.

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