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What is data storytelling and why should you care?

Data Storytelling is the new way to
get your team the answers they need about your business.

It’s proactively giving every single one of your users a personalized daily data brief instead of forcing them to go find answers in dashboards they aren’t using.

It’s never feeling guilty about being forced to prioritize analytics for executives and leaving the majority of your company to fend for themselves. It’s creating a data-driven culture by empowering everyone.

Interested in the future of BI + Analytics?

4 Principles of Data Storytelling

Use plain-English stories to make data understandable for everyone.

Anticipate the specific needs of each user.

Ensure every data story includes information that drives action.

Bring data insights to where your users already work.

Your World with Data Storytelling

When everyone – from executives to the front line – uses data to make decisions, your company will:

Lead the market

To keep up with the speed of how business is done today, you need everyone making data-driven decisions, not just analysts and executives.

Utilize technology investments

You’ve invested millions in your data infrastructure, and now everyone across your company is consuming it and using it.

Keep your best people

Your business users want transparency and an easy consumption experience, and your analysts want to spend less time on reporting and more time on strategic tasks.

How Data Storytelling Works

Brings in your business data.

Lexio ingests your data and maps it to our Ontology and your business context.

Understands what’s important to every user.

Lexio analyzes the data to find out what happened, why it happened, how you’re tracking, and more.

Delivers personalized daily data briefings to everyone.

Lexio delivers the answers your team needs to drive your company forward - in a way they will actually use.