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What is data storytelling?

Data storytelling automatically writes stories from your data so you don’t have to. 

It’s easy. It’s fast. You can finally get the story about what’s going on in your business, at your fingertips, all the time – without having to analyze, interpret, or dig for answers.

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How is data storytelling different than what we do today?

Today, understanding data can take anywhere from minutes to days.

You pore over long spreadsheets, dig through dashboards, or ask your operations teams a million questions – then wait hours for a response.

Instead, data storytelling gives your team what they want—the ability to get the story about what matters to them in seconds.

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How do I use data storytelling?

The best part about data storytelling is that it can truly be used by anyone. Not a data analyst? That’s okay.

Whether you are a marketing leader that wants to provide your team the best way to understand how the business is doing, an analytics director that wants to provide their employees a different way to consume important information, or an executive or investor that just wants insight into the business – data storytelling is for you.

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Sales Leader

How will data storytelling help me?

Imagine that you – and everyone you work with – had the story about what’s going on in your business, at their fingertips, all the time. How much faster could you make decisions? How much more confident would you feel every single day?

With data storytelling, there are way less questions about how the business is doing, and way more about how to take action. You can move faster, have more productive conversations, and exceed more of your goals.

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Why stories?

We’re really passionate about storytelling. 

Why? Because stories are the only way to ensure that everyone actually understands data. Stories are how we, as humans, best communicate. It’s how we remember what matters, and how we incite action. It’s how we persuade and how we motivate. 

Data storytelling ensures that you and your team get the answer of what’s going on in your business – from anywhere and at anytime.

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NLG Engine

How does data storytelling work?

The ability to truly automatically write stories from data, without any configuration or building from the user, is incredibly complex.

At Narrative Science, we’ve spent the last decade building technology that truly understands, analyzes, and writes like a human.

Our products utilize proprietary analytical frameworks, our natural language generation engine, and an AI-powered relevancy framework in order to write personalized stories from data.

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