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A massive amount of time and effort has been spent in gathering data and no human can look at all of it. Narrative Science offers us opportunities to more efficiently sift through large amounts of data and bring out insights more quickly.

Craig Muraskin, Managing Director of Innovation, Deloitte

We chose to work with Narrative Science because we want really great and innovative partners to help us better serve our members.

Chief Innovation Officer, USAA

We spend hours every week coordinating meetings with different departments so we can explain key trends in data. Now with Narratives for Qlik, everyone can understand drivers of patient outcomes, helping us scale the adoption of Qlik Sense across our entire network.

Oliver Schmid, Director Evaluation and IM&T, South Calgary Primary Care Network

With Narrative Science, Databook can empower enterprise sales teams with instant strategic insights into their customers and prospects, at a scale and speed that would be unimaginable for human analysts.

Anand Shah, Databook Co-Founder and CEO

Working with Narrative Science enabled us to go to market very quickly. Our new product line, powered by Quill, has generated over a million dollars in annual revenue. This has been one of the strongest products roll-outs we've had to date.

Jen Ryan, Director of Inventory Solutions, Dominion Dealer Solutions

Narrative Science’s artificial intelligence platform analyzes data and communicates this information in a way that is easy to read and understand. We believe these advanced analytic capabilities can be of great value to our customers in the Intelligence Community.

Steve Bowsher, Managing Partner, In-Q-Tel

With Narratives for PowerBI, we are strengthening customer relationships by automatically providing insights we feel confident about in minutes instead of hours. Now, my team can spend more time conducting sophisticated analysis and enhancing our services. In turn, everyone is able to understand and digest data to inform their decisions and impact the bottom line.

Giles Walker, Commercial Business Analyst, Tasrail

Executive customers still prefer to read a bulleted text summary over a large dashboard of data, as it provides a focus point. We provided this text summary manually but we were able to automate that work with Narrative Science. Narrative Science was super easy to incorporate into our products and it added an impressive new way to look at reporting.

Sr. Manager Business Intelligence & Web Development, Large multinational retailer

My team used to spend hours per week writing summaries about operational metrics for all of our internal departments. Narratives for Qlik jumpstarts our analysis, freeing up my team's time and empowering all departments to make decisions that drive quality paramedic care.

Gus Feltham, Senior Data Analyst, Wellington Free Ambulance

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