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Welcome Campers!

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The Five Things Every Marketer Should Know About Category Design with Dave Peterson, Author of Play Bigger

For today’s keynote, join Dave Peterson, Play Bigger book author and category design co-founder. He’ll share his insights on the important role of marketing in category design initiatives. Dave will share some fun lessons learned, some traps to avoid, and how category design can elevate your marketing career!

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A Five Stage Roadmap for Implementing AI in your Marketing Toolkit with the Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern

Discover the benefits of implementing AI as a part of your marketing toolkit with Jim Lecinski, Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern.

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5 Simple (Yet Overlooked) Campaign Tactics Proven to Drive Revenue with the VP of Marketing at Help Scout

Join VP of Marketing, Adam Goyette, and discover 5 often-overlooked tactics to add to your campaign strategy to generate more revenue.

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How to Create Content So Good People Will Want to Pay For It with the Content Strategy Manager at Gong

Join Manager of Content Strategy at Gong, Devin Reed to learn their formula for creating memorable content, how to measure brand growth (w/examples)m, and how to create content that drives revenue (w/examples).

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How to Unleash Your Marketing Muscles as a Data Storyteller with the Senior Director, Insights & Data Storytelling at Blast Analytics

In this session, you’ll learn how your marketing talent and background can be applied to crafting and telling powerful stories with data.

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Time to Get Serious and Actually Create Video with the Chief Evangelist at BombBomb

1:30pm - 2pm CT

Video’s no longer just for marketing. Learn why and how sales, customer success, leadership, and other teams are using personal video messages for clearer communication and better results … and the easiest way to start!

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Funnel Vision: Why RevOps is the Key to Understanding the Story Behind Your Data (Live! Data Stories Deep Dive)

Join the live audience for our videocast, Data Stories Deep Dive. In the episode, we are discussing marketing & sales alignment with Jeremy von Halle & Jessica Watts, Founders of Mud City, a revenue and sales operations agency in Chicago.

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Founder's Chat: Scaling Businesses, Inspiring Your Team, & Uncovering What Works with Dan Hanrahan, Founder of Haulstr & Sigstr

3pm - 3:30pm CT

Join Stuart Frankel, CEO & Cofounder of Narrative, and Dan Hanrahan, Founder of Haulstr & Sigstr, for a Fireside Chat about founding and scaling businesses, inspiring your team to do their best work, and letting your people be people.

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Metrics that Matter Most & How to Get It Right : A Panel Discussion

Join us for a discussion with marketing & analytics leaders about the metrics that matter most and how you can make the right, data-backed decisions.

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How Focusing on the Fundamentals of Revenue Marketing Has Reignited Growth

After experiencing meteoric growth on the back of a high volume freemium play and a very strong brand, the team at InVision needed to adapt to new go to market realities. Learn how the marketing team restructured, refocused and found new levers to pull in order to reignite growth.

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How Infotainment Fueled Our Company to Grow 6X in Two Years

Ryan O’Hara will dive into a philosophical shift in LeadIQ’s marketing activities, and how this shift has helped fuel LeadIQ to stand out, collect more meetings, and build brand affinity in a crowded market.

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Staying Relevant in Transformative Times: Learning to think, see and feel differently about company and personal growth

Join author, speaker, & expert marketer Rishad Tobaccowala as he talks about how to approach the future of work in a COVID-19 world.

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Master Executive Data Storytelling: 3 Steps to Inspire Leaders to Act

Executives want new ways to see and understand marketings and sales impact on revenue, but there is a major problem in the way we show up and try to deliver revenue reporting. In this session, learn how to identify and craft visual data stories and narratives that work for executives. You’ll walk away equipped with new inspiration around how to communicate revenue metrics for executives and the skills you need to immediately tell better data stories.

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How to Drive Revenue Through Your B2B Podcast with the CEO of Sweetfish Media

Join Cassidy Shield, VP of Marketing at Narrative Science, and James Carbary, Founder of Sweet Fish Media, for a discussion on podcasting and how to measure its impact on the bottom line.

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How to be a Customer-Obsessed Product Marketer with Jennifer Davis, Head of Product Marketing, AWS Training and Certification, at Amazon Web Services

In this session, you will learn how Amazon uses the Working Backwards mechanism to innovate and approaches to measure the effectiveness of exceptional product marketing to your overall return on marketing investments.

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More Like a Garden than a Warehouse: Data Storytelling & the Culture of Analytics

Sometimes when we talk about data and analytics strategy we focus too much on the mechanical aspects: how data is made available, what apps we use, how information is shared. The human elements of how we interact, how we learn and how we inspire each other are often overlooked, but these are the keys to a culture of analytics and a transformed business. Narratives and stories are essential to these personal interactions and in this session, we look at how we can use them to encourage, tend, and evolve a culture of insight. More like a garden than a warehouse.

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The Marketing Dashboard You Need to be Shifting To

The world has changed and how we engage our customers has fundamentally changed. This session will walk you through the KPIs and metrics your marketing team needs to be looking at and how they will drive the next marketing transformation.

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