Our Leadership Team

Narrative Science's CEO Stuart Frankel

Stuart Frankel
Chief Executive Officer

Narrative Science's Nick Beil

Nick Beil

Narrative Science's Mauro Mujica Parodi

Mauro Mujica-Parodi
Chief Product Officer

Narrative Science's Keelin McDonell

Keelin McDonell
GM, Business Intelligence

Cassidy Shield Headshot

Cassidy Shield
VP, Marketing

Narrative Science's Josh Smith

Josh Smith
VP, Finance

Katie Grinberg Headshot

Katie Grinberg
VP, Talent

Narrative Science's Nate Nichols

Nate Nichols
VP, Product Architecture

Narrative Science's Matt Bramson

Matt Bramson
VP, Enterprise Sales

Narrative Science's Ryan Kurt.

Ryan Kurt
VP, Business Development

Co-Founders and Scientific Advisors

Narrative Science's Kris Hammond

Kris Hammond
Chief Scientist

Narrative Science's Larry Birnbaum

Larry Birnbaum
Chief Scientific Advisor



Chris McClain

Chris advises Narrative Science on business development and growth strategy.

Donald Farmer

Donald advises Narrative Science on Innovation and Design.

Jim Lecinski

Jim advises Narrative Science on marketing and sales strategy.

Sanjay Sood

Sanjay Sood

Sanjay advises Narrative Science on engineering and technology strategy.

Intellectual Property

From our first patent application in 2010, innovation has been core to our culture and our company. Today, with 22 patents issued and many more pending, we continue to invest heavily in developing and enhancing our intellectual property. Click on a patent to read more.


Narrative Science Patent Wall at their Chicago office

The Narrative Science Patent Wall

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