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Lexio for Tech

Data-driven insights should accelerate growth, not slow you down. Dashboards and reports aren’t built to keep pace with the decisions you need to make every day. Lexio is an analytics platform, built for where and how you work.

Lexio enables every function – sales, marketing, customer success, product development, and more – to see patterns together, act on trends, and communicate insights, in a way you have never experienced with an analytics tool. No dashboards, no analysis, no wasted time.

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Track Product Usage Data

Connect Lexio to Mixpanel so Product Managers and Customer Success reps can instantly see how users interact with your product.

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Comprehensive Campaign Analysis

Track both net new leads and lead engagement with Marketo data in Lexio to understand which campaigns are working, which are not, and why.

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Transparency Into Revenue Funnel

No more explaining the story behind the numbers. Lexio shows activities, leads, opportunities, upsells - so your team can focus on generating revenue.

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How Data Storytelling is Transforming Alpha HQ’s Business

We sat down with Matt Davis to learn more about how he and his team are using Lexio’s data storytelling capabilities to get insights about their business to make faster and smarter decisions every single day.

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