Supports the quadruple aim

Innovation cuts cost, readability improves satisfaction, evidence boosts outcomes, speed supports quality. Regardless of the goal or audience, everyone understands plain-English stories.

Facilitate data-driven decisions

Care teams have a wide range of skills, data scientist isn't one of them - nor should it be. Users can actively take part in understanding health data because the analysis is easy to consume. Since it is concise and powerful, the insights aren't misinterpreted.

Simplify compliance and reporting

Not all efficiencies need to be achieved bedside. Administrators can reduce the time spent on manual tasks with intelligent automation. Speeding up back office resources shifts focus to higher value activities.

We spend hours every week coordinating meetings with different departments so we can explain key trends in data. Now with Narratives for Qlik, everyone can understand drivers of patient outcomes, helping us scale the adoption of Qlik Sense across our entire network.

Oliver Schmid, Director Evaluation and IM&T, South Calgary Primary Care Network

My team used to spend hours per week writing summaries about operational metrics for all of our internal departments. Narratives for Qlik jumpstarts our analysis, freeing up my team's time and empowering all departments to make decisions that drive quality paramedic care.

Gus Feltham, Senior Data Analyst, Wellington Free Ambulance

Primary care network enhances care by communicating patient insights at scale

Case Study

South Calgary Primary Care Network uses Narratives for Qlik to instantly transform complex visualizations into dynamic stories that communicate interesting trends, such as patient load across doctors and changes in patient wait times. Instead of the analytics team spending significant time explaining key insights to various departments, the network can instantly communicate important information that everyone can understand.

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