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Lexio for Human Resources

Spend time on your people, not analyzing data. From hiring KPIs, to employee engagement scores, you have a lot of data (in multiple places) to keep a pulse on and report out to stakeholders. It’s time for an analytics platform that goes beyond dashboards and reports.

Lexio is the first analytics tool built from the ground-up for business users – so understanding and taking action on your HR data from a single platform is easier than ever. Spend less time pulling data, crunching numbers, and reporting results, and more time building a dream place to work.

Here’s how you can start to use Lexio in your team’s workflow. 

Keep Track Of Your Recruiting Pipeline

Connecting your Applicant Tracking System to Lexio helps HR leaders understand your talent funnel across functions or business units.

No More Manual Status Reports

Everyone is interested in the next great hire. With Lexio, collaborating and keeping colleagues on the same page can be done instantly.

Lexio Spots Trends for You

Lexio will track your candidate conversion time, and understand which groups are performing best, so you can focus on getting great people in the door.

How Narrative Science Lets Their 'People Be People'

Narrative Science’s Director of Talent, Cassie Turk, on building an innovative, passionate organization by letting people be themselves. 

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