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Lexio for Healthcare

From pharmaceuticals, to providers, to health insurance companies, the healthcare sector runs on data, but dashboards and reports aren’t built for those on the front lines who make decisions every day.

Meet the first analytics product with an experience designed for everyone. Lexio analyzes your data and presents insights as stories, so everyone at your organization is empowered with the information they need to improve patient care.

Here’s how your organization could use Lexio to improve patient care.  

Health Insurance Case Management

One source of truth to track claims and claim cost over time to easily understand the biggest drivers.

Pharmaceutical Sales

Empower reps to know what products perform best, without taking time away from customers.

Primary Care Network Managers

Understand operational KPIs like patient wait times or patient load across doctors, wherever you are.

Coronavirus by the Numbers

How data storytelling helps us understand more than just business data. 

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