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Lexio for Customer Success

What if you could report on customer data from a single, easy-to-use platform? Your support teams should be focused on customer satisfaction and solving customer problems, not reporting on them. 

Meet Lexio – the first tool that automatically analyzes all your customer data in a single platform and provides the key takeaways in written stories, instead of confusing charts and graphs. Lexio allows customer teams to be data-driven, without requiring analytics skills. 

A few examples of how Lexio can fuel better customer interactions. 

Identify and Track Drivers of Support Tickets

Easily identify patterns for support tickets, so you can easily allocate resources to best serve your customers.

See Lexio for Freshdesk In Action

Track Customer Product Usage & Interactions

Connect Lexio to Mixpanel to see how users interact with your product, so you can focus on a great customer experience.

See Lexio for Mixpanel in Action

Tie Customer Success’ Impact to Revenue

See how upsells and renewals are contributing to overall goals - and instantly share across your org.

See Lexio for Salesforce in Action

What a Campfire and a Quarter-Inch Hole Taught Us About Being Customer-centric

Learn from Customer Success Manager, Stef Caldwell, how Narrative Science stays customer-centric.

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