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Like things quick and to the point? Watch the video below to listen to Stu giving a brief 1 minute overview of Lexio covering logging in, the Newsfeed, and story functionality.

[Video Transcript]

Hi, I’m Stu, and here is a 1 minute demo overview of Lexio.

First, it’s important to note that Lexio is accessible from both your browser, as well as the Lexio app on your phone.

After logging in, the first thing you see is the Newsfeed. Here, you’ll have cards from all different areas of your business that you’ve connected to Lexio. Talk to your Admin if you’d like help getting connected to more data.

Here, users can set up different Topics to help filter your feed based on your use-case. Notice I have a ton here set up already from different functional areas of a business. Sales, Customer Success or Support, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, and Product.

If you see a card that looks interesting to you and you want to dive deeper, just click on the card and Lexio will write an entire story for you.

Everything you see here was written by Lexio and users have a ton of functionality to change time frames, add filters, share, comment and more.

Lexio’s user interface makes it as easy for anyone to break down the data to get the information they need to be successful.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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