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Webinar How Data Storytelling is helping employees get back to work safely during COVID-19

With the rise of Coronavirus and rapidly changing circumstances, it is increasingly more important for companies to stay informed and adopt new processes to keep our employees safe. Narrative Science, and our partner Tableau, have teamed up to help their customers adapt to this new normal through the power of Data Storytelling technology.

Using Tableau dashboards and our data storytelling integration, Quill, they are empowered to make informed decisions such as when it is safe for employees in various parts of the country to return to work and offices safely.

In this webinar, we share what our customers have built to track the impact of COVID-19.

View this webinar and see:

  • What is Data Storytelling and why it can empower everyone to understand data, make better decisions and drive better outcomes
  • How Tableau & Narrative Science are helping customers keep their employees safe and make informed decisions during COVID-19