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Video Building Digital Trust & The Role of Ethics in Data Storytelling with Lexy Kassan - Data Stories Deep Dive Ep. 6

Apple and Facebook using your user data to track the spread of COVID-19. Colleges faking data to improve rankings. A sales manager manipulating the numbers so they “look good”.

In this week’s episode of Data Stories Deep Dive, we’ll be discussing the ethical and privacy implications of collecting, managing, and distributing data with Lexy Kassan from The Data Science Ethics Podcast.

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About the data storyteller:

Lexy Kassan is a strategic leader in data and analytics and general advocate for math and stats to anyone who will listen. She currently shares her numerical passion and expertise at CCG in Tampa, Florida. Professionally, Lexy has been in marketing and analytics for most of her career helping big brands solve big problems with big data. She is also the host of the Data Science Ethics podcast. Personally, Lexy loves dogs, baking, Geocaching, gaming and chasing thought experiments down rabbit holes.

"Ethics and sticking to your guns on wanting to make sure that you have valid results creates a better outcome for the world.” - Lexy Kassan

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