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Webinar The Key to Data Adoption is Your Sales Pitch | Data Stories Deep Dive Ep 5.

Selling your data story is just as important as the work put in to create it. You need to conduct user interviews, set expectations with your stakeholders, and stress the benefits of efficiency and transparency in order to make the data actually impactful.

In this week’s episode of Data Stories Deep Dive, we’re joined by Nicholas Kelly, Director of Analytics at Logic2020, to talk about the tips and tricks you can use to sell your data story and improve adoption.

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About the data storyteller:

Nicholas, a leader in analytics adoption, has designed and developed dashboards for the world’s largest companies in a career that spans from Ireland to Singapore and the USA. From enterprise-grade operations dashboards for global banks with 200,000+ employees to high-pressure visuals for Formula 1 drivers, he has developed a winning process for ensuring companies get ROI on their data through insight and behavioral change. He is the creator of the Enterprise Dashboard Process and invented the Dashboard Wireframe Kit. Nick is a regular on the international speaking circuit. Nick leads the Visual Analytics practice for Logic20/20, Inc. out of Seattle.

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