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Webinar How to Save Time, Discover Insights, & Drive Revenue as a Data Storyteller featuring Alex Czurylo

In this week’s episode of Data Stories Deep Dive, guest hosts Stef Caldwell and Ryan Kurt are joined by Alex Czurylo, SVP of Group Product Operations at Rakuten Advertising.

Learn from his more than 15 years of experience building an innovative analytics practice from a three-person team to a global practice on how to identify and implement cutting edge tech by 1) Starting with the outcome you are trying to realize for your customers, 2) Involving the right resources across departments early and 3) Tracking the performance, progress and adoption throughout the implementation phase to encourage teams to keep going.

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About the data storyteller:

Alex Czurlyo is a senior leader in digital analytics, operations, and global management. He is passionate about seeking innovative ways to use data and insights to drive client performance.

You can find him on Linkedin here. 

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