Webinar But What About...{X}: Why Analytics Isn't Actionable & What To Do About It

Despite today’s data-rich business environment, analytics often doesn’t drive meaningful organizational change.

In this session, Bonsai Data Solutions co-founder, Matt Butler, brings us an honest conversation about why great data science and analytics fails to influence decision making, and some simple, practical steps to improve the “changemaking” impact of data at your company.

“But what about [X]?” Why Analytics Isn't Actionable & What To Do About It with Matt Butler, Co-founder of Bonsai Data Solutions

About the data storyteller:

Matt Co-founded Bonsai Data Solutions in 2020, an analytics firm dedicated to eliminating the waste and complexity generated by today’s marketing technology ecosystem. Bonsai currently serves clients large and small, including Ancestry, Transformco, Capital Brands, Propswap and SecureCircle. Ex-Googler of 12 years, Matt served as the exclusive digital analytics adviser for companies such as Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Kohl’s while authoring the ad auction curricula for Google’s global analyst teams. He’s served as panelist & keynote speaker at academic and industry events across three continents. Proud Michigan Wolverine & avid baseball fan, Matt resides in Wheaton, IL with his wife Deirdre & three-year-old daughter Aubrey.

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