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Video Ep 1: How a Director of Growth Marketing Confidently Leads and Aligns her Team with Data

Learn from Anna Schena Walsh, Director of Growth Marketing at Narrative Science about which metrics she looks at everyday and how that impacts growth at her company.

In the episode you’ll hear:

  • What the growth marketing team is focused on.
  • How data is important for the team to understand what to prioritize.
  • Anna talks about how learning to interact with data helped her feel less overwhelmed and more confident in her role.
  • How she uses our product, Lexio, to get all the data that is relevant to her in one place and what that means for her workflow.

Anna Schena Walsh is the Director of Growth Marketing at Narrative Science, where she leads marketing initiatives including brand, content, digital, and demand generation. She has previously led product marketing for both of Narrative Science’s products. Prior to joining Narrative Science, she did product marketing for ThreatConnect, a cybersecurity software company based out of Arlington, Va. Anna hails from Detroit and graduated from Canisius College with a degree in Psychology, Business, and Studio Art. She currently lives in Chicago with her husband.