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Blog Write About More Data in Quill for Qlik & Improved Driver Analysis

This month, we’ve been working on a few notable features that we think you’ll find both exciting and useful.

Here’s what’s new in Quill for Qlik:

More robust, interactive stories. Our Story Navigator experience is a new way to write about a broader set of data and allows users to interact with the story to drill deeper. A user can now analyze up to two dimensions and multiple measures within one story and navigate to different levels of the hierarchy within the user interface.

Learn more about how to use Story Navigator on our support site →

Configurable driver analysis. Driver analysis, sometimes referred to as contribution analysis or attribution analysis, helps explain the why behind the facts and figures that are called out in the narrative. We made our driver analysis configurable, allowing you to select the method of analysis (e.g. count, individual or cumulative percentage), the threshold for how many drivers to call out, if you’d like to drill a level deeper and show secondary contributors, or whether or not to include offsetters.

Learn more about how to use configurable drivers on our support site –>

Visit our support site or reach out to us if you have any questions.

– The Narrative Science Team