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Blog Quill for Qlik: More customizable insights, easier to build – what's not to love?

Building custom insights just got easier and more impactful in Quill for Qlik. You can now copy custom insights within a section, duplicate content across sections, utilize new parameters, as well as eight, advanced (and highly requested) functions. Oh my!

Copy Content Within a Section

Now when you build a custom bullet, you can duplicate it directly below using our new copy button to quickly build different variations of a sentence – saving you unnecessary, repetitive work (what a relief!). This can be especially useful when applying thresholds, building in language variation, and creating different logical variations.

Duplicate Content Across Sections

With this new improvement, when you create custom content in the first section of a two-dimension story, it will automatically be applied to the following sections since they all focus on a primary dimension (e.g. Technology or Office Supplies in the example below) and reuse a similar content structure. Before you had to recreate the same content on both Technology and Office Supplies.

We also made a handy new drop-down option called ‘Current (dynamic)’ when building functions that will dynamically change the dimension name based on the section it is writing in.

Expanded Parameters for More Specific Analysis.

With our new filter parameter, you can select which dimension value you want to analyze. If our dimension is ‘Segment’, we can identify the profit of ‘France’, giving you a more focused story.

New Functions Added to our Analytics Library.

Now you can create a wide variety of new insights with an additional eight functions including z-score, difference from mean, difference, percent difference, sum (two values), p-value, largest positive absolute change and largest negative absolute change. You can add these calculations directly to your custom insights, or within our conditional logic feature to specify when an insight should print.