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Blog Add Custom, Logic-Driven Insights to Your Quill for Power BI Stories

We recently released the ability to write your own insights in Quill for Power BI and now you can add conditional logic to these insights. Curious to learn more? Read on for what’s new:

Create Your Own Custom Sentences. If you’re new to Quill’s custom content features, here’s a refresher. You can now write sentences alongside of our out-of-the-box stories using data from your Power BI dashboard. It starts by typing any insight that the user would want to know – for example, “The biggest driver of technology sales is x”. Then you can insert the value of ‘x’ using our MaxLabel function, which will make the figure dynamic for any story. Now any story can be customized to your audience.

Add Conditional Logic to Custom Content. Now you can add ‘tests’ or ‘conditions’ to custom content, so you can determine when it is relevant to print something. For example, you may want to word the sentence differently if a figure was higher or lower than expected – ‘profit was higher than normal’ or ‘profit was lower than normal’. With conditions, you can add data-driven logic to custom insights to determine if the profit was higher or lower, then print the sentence that is best suited for your story.