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Podcast When to Apply Deep Learning (And When Not To)

Featuring Nate Nichols, Chief Scientist at Narrative Science

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At Narrative Science, we’re super proud of the AI technology we’ve built. Lexio is the world’s only automated data storytelling system and is making its way into the tech stacks of more companies every year. 

When people hear what our tech can do, they often assume that it must be built with some of that newfangled machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL) that everybody’s talking about. Nope!

For this episode, we wanted to experiment with a shorter format that we’re calling Leading with Data: Short Stories. Our guest guinea pig is our very own Chief Scientist, Nate Nichols, who provides insight into the applications of NLP/ML in our everyday lives and our product, Lexio. 

We also dig deeper on:

  • How our data storytelling technology has evolved
  • The types of NLP that exist in the market today and where we see it in our everyday lives
  • When to use a deep learning approach & when not to
  • Why we don’t use deep learning to write data stories in Lexio
  • How we do use ML within the broader Lexio experience
  • How this technology will advance over the next 5-10 years 
  • Advice for technologists evaluating these technologies as a part of data & analytics solutions
  • Resources for getting smarter on NLP and machine learning

Nate also recently wrote a blog on this topic where he provides more detail into why we don’t use deep learning to write data stories in Lexio. 

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