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Podcast Why Generalists Make the Best Transformation Specialists

Featuring Franklin Ortiz, Finance & Transformation Manager at Airbus

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How do you make transformation a career? 

By taking risks and seizing opportunities. 

Just ask Franklin Ortiz, Finance & Transformation Manager at Airbus, who has grabbed hold of every opportunity to propel his career forward — from joining academia to leading an employee resource group. 

Franklin is an innovative and dependable leader who focuses on implementing finance and project management principles to align with organizational strategic objectives. 

Franklin is skilled in financial controlling, inclusion & diversity, employee engagement, program and project management, business transformation, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), infrastructure project management and international government contracting. 

What we talked about:

  • Franklin’s career trajectory
  • Why taking risks is the only route to success
  • How academia can make you a more well-rounded leader
  • Why generalists succeed in transformation careers
  • The challenge and reward of leading an employee resource group
  • Why transparency makes a great leader

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