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Podcast The Problem with Big Data [And How to Solve it]

Featuring Jennifer Prendki, Founder and CEO at Alectio

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Big Data is overrated

We don’t need more volume — we need more diversity.

We can do more with less. And someone finally needed to say it.

That someone is Jennifer Prendki, Founder and CEO at Alectio, the world’s first Data Prep Ops platform. Before that she held senior leadership positions in data science and machine learning at Figure Eight, Atlassian, Walmartlabs among others. 

She also has a PhD in particle physics, from Sorbonne in Paris, which greatly influenced her belief that we can move away from the brute force of Big Data into the precision of Smart Data.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Transitioning from particle physics to entrepreneurship 
  • How to do more with less data
  • Why Big Data is overrated (and why we should strive for Smart Data, instead)
  • How principles of human learning apply to machine learning
  • How to tackle Big Data using automated data curation
  • The economics of machine learning
  • The ins and outs of Data Prep Ops

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