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Podcast The Key to Radical Innovation

Featuring Wil Reynolds, VP of Innovation at Seer Interactive

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How to survive, let alone succeed, in business has been changing slowly for decades. In the last 5 to 10 years, we’ve witnessed a much more radical transformation — a need for modern-day businesses to challenge the status quo. To reject beliefs that are widely and blindly accepted across the industry and create something new. 

This is the key to innovation according to our latest guest, Wil Reynolds, VP of Innovation at Seer Interactivea digital marketing agency that specializes in innovation across SEO, PPC, and Analytics.

When Wil founded Seer in 2002, it was a one-person search firm. Today, it’s comprised of a talented team of over 150 people who strive for leadership across the marketing industry. Seer was founded on the belief that when you share your time and talents with the community, everyone benefits. Wil’s vision was to give everyone the flexibility they needed to contribute to the community in meaningful ways. Over a decade later, this still rings true.

In this episode, he joins us to share his unconventional approach to running an agency and his philosophy on innovation.

We also dive deeper into:

  • Wil’s entrepreneurial journey
  • His decision to step down as CEO
  • How to create an open & innovative workplace environment
  • The importance of challenging executive leaders
  • How to define innovation
  • The value of thinking differently
  • How to balance running a high-growth business & family

Check out these resources that were mentioned in the show:

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