Podcast The Role of Data in Leading Product Management

Featuring Jaclyn Borgiel, Group Product Manager at Narrative Science

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So many claim they’re data-driven these days, the word has lost its meaning.

So, how do you go beyond the buzzword and achieve a truly data-driven approach?

Even trickier: How can you take a data-driven approach before you even have the data?

These are questions Jaclyn Borgiel answers every day in her role as Group Product Manager here at Narrative Science. She joins Cassidy today to share her approach to answering them, and many others that arise, in the realm of product management. 

Jaclyn is passionate about growing products and teams, and building their long-term strategies to reach full potential. She has had a diverse mix of experiences across B2B, B2C, high growth, and mature products, but is still an action-oriented problem solver at heart. 

She has worked as a product leader, analyst, product marketer, and strategic and operational expert — following challenges and purposeful missions, while building great teams.

Jaclyn was drawn to Narrative Science’s mission to democratize data for all. After her training in tech at a Silicon Valley Strategy and Analytics rotational program, Narrative Science was the ideal next step on her quest to finally make data work for every business person and scale analytical teams across industries. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Jaclyn’s career trajectory that led to a passion for product management
  • What product management is and why it matters
  • How to make “data-driven” more than a buzzword
  • How to move past vanity metrics and find success metrics
  • How to bring a data-driven mindset from the outset, when you have no data
  • Why intuition comes through experience and observation
  • What excites Jaclyn about her work on Lexio at Narrative Science
  • Why data storytelling should be simple and actionable
  • What the future looks like for data storytelling and product management

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