Podcast The Role of Data Science in Marketing

 Featuring Kam Lee, Chief Marketing Data Scientist at Finetooth Analytics

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Is your marketing team data-driven? 

They have data. They have the software. 

Yet, most marketing teams tend to focus on vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics are more about justification than truth.

It’s our job as data leaders to empower them with the metrics that matter.

That’s just one of the many insights Kam Lee, drawing upon a wealth of experience as Chief Marketing Data Scientist at Finetooth Analytics, shares in the latest Leading With Data Podcast. 

Over the course of his 14-year career, Kam Lee has built scalable systems that synthesized complex data into actionable, highly-personalized customer journeys. 

By employing marketing intelligence, he powers optimization at scale to discover the best-case scenarios that lead to winning sales opportunities. 

In this episode, Kam explains:

  • The role of a Chief Marketing Data Scientist
  • The difference between your ideal customer and your actual buyer based on data
  • Customer segmentation informed by machine learning (ML)
  • The problem with vanity metrics

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