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Podcast How Data & EdTech Can Humanize Education in a Remote World

Featuring Keith Westman, COO at Otus

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Even now in the age of remote learning where technology is king, schools have the opportunity to humanize education again. 

Parents and teachers just have to ask the right questions and look at the right data.

Over the course of his career, Keith Westman, COO at Otus and former educator, has learned a thing or two about the intersection of data, analytics, and education. 

He began his career as a third-grade teacher. From there, he moved into a role as Director of Technology at an elementary school and was last the principal at a middle school in Morton Grove, IL. 

His background in education fuels his passion for getting the right data and the right platform in the hands of teachers so that they know how and when to intervene with their students.

This week, Keith join us on the podcast to discuss how data can make education more human, and here’s what you’ll learn: 

– Why smaller, more frequent measurements of students’ progress are more effective than infrequent standardized tests

– How having the right data and the right platform can help teachers intervene when needed

– How new EdTech can be scaled to reach underserved students

– What people are getting wrong with remote learning and the future of education

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