Podcast How to Win Over Customers with Data Products

Featuring Seth Rosen, Co-Founder & CEO of TopCoat Data

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We all know the potential value data can bring to businesses. But the potential to deliver that same data and value to external customers is often left untapped. 

Today, many companies feel like they should be doing more with their data in service of their customers. Yet, they often struggle to unlock it and deliver it in a way that accounts for the end user’s experience. 

As Co-Founder & CEO of TopCoat Data, Seth Rosen, sees this every day and believes approaching data with a product mindset can be the key to unlocking this untapped value.  

Seth joins us on the podcast to share how companies can build data products that win over customers and create real advantage over their competitors. 

At TopCoat, Seth and his team help companies and data teams everyday build customer-facing analytics products. Previously, Seth held senior product roles at Drync, Catalina, and LivingSocial. Seth was a co-founder at BuyWithMe.com, a leading social eCommerce company that competed with Groupon and LivingSocial, from January 2009 until it was sold to Gilt Groupe in November 2011. Prior to BuyWithMe, Seth was a consultant at PWC in the System and Process Assurance group, working mainly with large financial institutions.

In the episode, we cover a variety of topics including:

  • Where Seth finds inspiration for his Twitter
  • The problem Topcoat Data aims to solve
  • The pitfalls of traditional BI tools
  •  Modern data team looks more like software product development.
  • The challenge in blending software development and data teams.
  • Why companies treat their product data as an afterthought
  • What a modern architecture looks like for your data product.
  • Does every product ultimately become a data product?
  • Why embedded analytics usually = a poor user experience

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