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Podcast How to Master the 4 Levels of Data Literacy

Featuring Jordan Morrow, Head of Data, Design, and Management Skills at Pluralsight

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Data literacy is the missing piece keeping most organizations from truly leveraging data to drive successful business outcomes. Luckily, we’re talking to the man who created the roadmap to data literacy.

In this episode, Cassidy chats with Jordan Morrow, Head of Data, Design, and Management Skills at Pluralsight, about how to bring data literacy to your organization.

Jordan’s on a mission to close the data skills gap and establish a data-centric culture by bringing data literacy to the masses. He’s passionate about delivering a human touch to a world of numbers and gets the greatest satisfaction when he can help people see and understand the power that data analytics can bring to their careers, their businesses, and their personal lives.

Currently, Jordan leads Pluralsight’s data and design/management across various channels. The program is designed to help people learn and improve their data capabilities and gain an understanding of how to effectively use these skills to handle the large amounts of data found in modern organizations.

What we talked about:

  • How COVID accelerated the digital transformation of many companies
  • Becoming the godfather of data literacy
  • Expanding educational content past data literacy to data science, data engineering, and data governance
  • The definition and four levels of data literacy
  • A five-step process for implementing data in the workflow of a business
  • How individuals and companies can get started with data literacy
  • Who should own data literacy initiatives

Check out Jordan’s new book Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Skills Everyone Needs To Succeed. Want a copy? Reach out to Cassidy on LinkedIn or at

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