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Podcast How to Defend Creativity Using Data

Featuring Brandee Sanders, VP of Marketing at Motive Retail

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In the marketing world, there is an ever-growing divide between creativity and data-driven marketing.

Many creatives worry that the increasing reliance on data will kill the freedom to take risks and pursue outside-the-box ideas. While advocates of data-driven marketing argue that dollars shouldn’t be wasted on ideas that aren’t guaranteed to generate a high ROI. 

Realistically, the best option for success lies somewhere in the middle; where data is used to not only defend the creative process — but inspire it.  

In this episode, we sat down with Brandee Sanders, VP of Marketing at Motive Retail, to discuss how creatives and marketers can build shields around their work using data. 

Brandee is simply a marketing rockstar. She’s lived across two vastly different hemispheres of the mind, one side of logic and quantitative, statistical analysis and the other, human elementals driven by emotional, heart moving creatives. The deeply embedded world of data storytelling she’s had the pleasure of working in has afforded her the opportunity to collaborate alongside Emmy award nominated multimedia creators and has done her time in the trenches at startups going to IPO. She’s run the gamut from analytics to filmmaking and back again to demand gen and data science Ops.

In the episode we dive deeper into:

  • How Brandee went from a performer to a digital marketer
  • How Etsy changed the trajectory of her career
  • How she operates using dual hemispheres of her brain
  • How a full-time gig allowed her to pursue her creative passions
  • Her journey to becoming a self-taught marketer
  • How to audit and understand a company’s culture
  • Using data as a tool to combat resistance to change

Check out these resources that were mentioned in the show:

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