Podcast How to Build a Research Engine That Drives Brand Differentiation

Featuring Igor Popov, Chief Economist & Head of Product Analytics at Apartment List

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Increased demand, limited supply, and a relentless global pandemic have created the perfect storm in the housing market — forcing prospective buyers and renters to turn to the internet for insight. 

And today, thanks to the market research work of Igor Popov and his team, it’s likely their first search result is Apartmentlist.com. As Chief Economist and Head of Product Analytics at Apartment List, Igor leads the research team in publishing original housing market research — an initiative that has played an integral role in driving the companies’ SEO, communication and brand differentiation strategy.  

Igor also teaches an undergraduate seminar titled “Housing, Neighborhoods, and Homelessness” at Stanford University, and his research has been published in the American Economic Review. Prior to joining Apartment List, Igor worked as an economist and data scientist at Airbnb and earned his Ph.D. in economics at Stanford University. 

In this episode, Igor shares insight into how an external-facing data & research program operates, its benefits, and practical advice for getting one off the ground. 

We also dive deeper into:

  • How the pandemic & remote work has impacted the housing market
  • Research techniques for quickly capturing data
  • The future of the housing market
  • The importance of making investments in data storytelling
  • Building differentiation and credibility in a saturated market
  • How research has been a driver of Apartment List’s communication strategy
  • How to build an externally-facing data and research program
  • How to select the right data projects
  • The value of data in online marketplaces
  • The evolution of online marketplaces

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