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Podcast How Qualitative Data Can Be Every Marketer’s Superpower

Featuring Chris Walker, Founder and CEO at Refine Labs

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B2B marketers today have access to a more detailed, wider pool of data than ever before.

Yet, even as they bury themselves in data, most marketers have an incomplete picture of performance and their customers.

So in this episode, we turned to Chris Walker to learn more about how qualitative data can be the key to completing that picture — and executing quicker and smarter. 

Chris Walker is the Founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a progressive demand generation firm that challenges the status quo in B2B marketing. Fueled by marketing execution at scale, Refine Labs uses real data from real customers to create demand strategy and research for their clients. Before launching Refine Labs, Chris led marketing at two B2B firms where he built the foundation of his unique perspective on demand generation. Chris also hosts the State of Demand Gen podcast where he chats with today’s top B2B leaders to share tangible advice and tactics to over 15,000 marketers.

We covered a variety of topics including:

  • Chris’ career journey — from software engineer to marketer
  • How Refine Labs is changing the way B2B companies go to market
  • Why Chris once tried to post 8x on LinkedIn in one day
  • The role data has played in Chris’ success over the years
  • Why marketers should care more about qualitative data
  • Why marketing should be measured by revenue
  • Organizational change in digital transformations
  • How to simplify marketing attribution
  • How CMOs can get their hands dirty and participate in marketing activities

Check out these resources that were mentioned in the show:

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